Headlines: November 16th, 1999

The Government has announced its intention to beef up training for school governors.It is extending the role of governors, and giving some parent representatives the power to sit on education committees of local councils.

The Government is recognising that for an enhanced role, enhanced training will be required. A National Strategy for Training and Support will be developed, to try to standardise what’s on offer to governors across the country.

It will mean adding a further five million to the existing ten million pound budget for governor training. The key area of improved training will be in preparing governors for their role in performance management.

Some of the training will have accreditation and the BTEC scheme developed by Essex LEA, along with Lloyds TSB, the Learning by Experience Trust and support from the local TEC is cited as a model of the sort of partnership approach sought to develop this.

Consultation is now underway before the Government gives details on what the strategy will contain.