Headlines: November 30th, 1999

A new report has warned the Government that halting traffic growth at a timeof economic prosperity is not realistic.It says that the best that might be possible nationally is for the rate of traffic growth to be brought down to zero at some future date. Even this would require intensive application of the Integrated Transport White Paper.

The Commission for Integrated Transport report says it is the problems associated with traffic growth that need tackling most – congestion and pollution – rather than the traffic growth itself.

In a report commissioned by Government it recommends achievable measures such as reducing traffic volumes near people’s homes.

The Commission wants to work with Government in developing a series of benchmark profiles to judge the success of the Government’s integrated transport measures. They will cover different area types, congestion and
traffic levels and the packages of measures needed to deliver them.

The report is on the DETR website at www.detr.gov.uk