Headlines: December 6th, 1999

IBM’s donation of a million dollars (626,000 pounds) to Britain’s education service is likely to spread good education practice beyond the Beacon schools where it is to be directed.The multi-national, which has spent forty million dollars world-wide on such projects, has announced that it’s donating the money over the next two years, initially to fifty schools.

IBM’s Reinventing Education Programme, which aims to improve student achievement by using IBM technology and expertise, will mean that teachers between Beacon schools and other schools in their areas.

The Government has emphasised that IBM’s million dollars is on top of the 6.5 million pounds already being invested in the Beacon Schools programme next year.

The first Beacon schools began operating in September 1998, with more joining since. They develop links with other schools and offering advice and support on a wide range of areas, including school management, pupil monitoring, provision for gifted and able children, improving parental involvement, special educational needs and anti-bullying strategies. Some Beacon schools are working closely with failing schools or schools on special measures, while others are providing initial teacher training and support for newly qualified teachers.