Headlines: December 10th, 1999

New blood is to be brought into the civil service to ensure that it moves on to reflect society’s changing need by becoming more diverse and more open to all talents. Plans include Board appointments and mid career recruitment.In order to give an external perspective, by the end of next year all departments are to have a non-executive director or advisor. Some departments, such as the Inland Revenue, have benefited for some time from the experience of non-executive directors who are able to bring the outside world into the Board room.

In a move to address the issue of under representation of women and ethnic minorities at senior levels, mid career recruitment is to be stepped up. There will be a campaign to attract people who may not previously have though of the civil service as a career option. The ‘Interchange’ scheme, which facilitates the exchange of people between the civil service and other organisations, will be used to give people from the private and voluntary sectors an opportunity to sample civil service life.