Headlines: December 15th, 1999

Local authorities and agencies have been urged to sign up to the Government’s Enforcement Concordat, encouraging fair and consistent enforcement when regulating business.The Concordat is a key strand in the government’s policy to maintain a fair and safe trading environment. It helps ensure that British businesses, and in particular small businesses, don’t lose competitive advantage through the over-burdensome enforcement of regulation.

The East of England Better Regulation Group has endorsed the Concordat and is encouraging organisations within its region to adopt it.

The concordat is a commitment to following good practice when enforcing regulations. It sets out what businesses and others who have to comply with regulations can expect from central and local government agencies and inspectorates.

The Enforcement Concordat is available on the internet at; www.cabinet-office.gov.uk/regulation

The East of England Better Regulation Group is a network of regulatory bodies and business representatives to promote best practice in regulatory services and provide an opportunity to influence decision making at a regional level.