Headlines: December 20th, 1999

Publication of ‘Public Bodies 1999’ – a comprehensive listing of non-departmental public bodies – has highlighted how few women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds are represented on such groups.It shows that only 33 per cent of such positions are held by women, prompting Margaret Jay, Minister for Women, to urge more to nominate themselves for office.

The new edition also shows that only 4.7 per cent of post-holders are from ethnic minorities.

Public Bodies 1999 provides a range of statistical information on over 1,500 public bodies and over 35,000 public appointments. It focuses primarily on non-departmental public bodies, but also includes information on nationalised industries, certain public corporations and those NHS bodies to which Ministers make appointments. It is UK-wide in its coverage and includes information on those public bodies which now operate in devolved areas in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It is available on the Cabinet Office website: http://www.cabinet-office.gov.uk/quango