Headlines: January 12th, 2000

Health managers meet today (Wednesday) to change the nature of the NHS Confederation to reflect radical changes in the management of the NHS.Constitutional change will recognise the key management role played by the 13 new pilot primary care trusts (PCTs), announced last week.

The confederation is acting to incorporate the new PCTs into its remit, creating a single voice for NHS management and reflecting the increased power now held at primary care level.

It says it recognises equal status for the different types of management organisations in the new NHS.

Stephen Thornton, chief executive of the NHS Confederation said: “This change in the way the NHS is organised should lead to better quality and uniformity of primary care which is notoriously patchy. The big difference between PCTs and GP fundholding is that for PCTs the focus of managerial and clinical effort will be on improving and developing primary care, making it fairer and more equitable.”