Headlines: January 13th, 2000

Whitehall has set a continuous learning example with the opening of a learning centre in Victoria which will skill its workforce for the challenges of the global economy.The Public and Commercial Services Union Open Learning Centre is supported by a 50,000 pound grant from the Department for Education and Employment and from a range of partners.

It will provide Information and Communications (ICT) skills to secretaries, typists, clerical and support staff in Whitehall departments.

The initial target groups are working in the Inland Revenue and Culture, Media and Sports organisations in London. These groups have been prioritised because of the effect on their work of technological change.

The courses offered at the learning centre will help participants to regain confidence about learning, to obtain recognised accreditation and to progress to further learning opportunities.

Employers such as the Inland Revenue London Region and the British Museum are offering paid time off for staff from the target groups to attend courses.