Headlines: January 19th, 2000

The Computer Software and Services Association is to give advice to the Major IT Projects Review Team in the Cabinet Office on how to improve project implementation. The Review team was set up in October 1999 in the wake of a string of large scale IT project failures culminating in the Passport Office debacle.The Association will launch a study to get IT industry views on large IT projects for both the public and private sectors. It will research successes and failures drawing on the IT software industry knowledge and experience of implementing major projects. The causes of failure will be closely examined to find out whether they are generic to the public and private sectors. Similarly, reasons for success will be scrutinised to identify any differences between the sectors. The work will be led by Charles Hughes, supported by John Higgins, the Association’s Director General.

The advice to the Cabinet Office team will give an industry perspective. It will summarise what industry has learned about dealing with Government and how it is applying these lessons to current projects.