Headlines: January 20th, 2000

An electronic map that will tell property managers in the public sector where there is vacant space has been demonstrated by the Government’s property adviser agency PACE. The map is designed to replace the current system where a telephone call to PACE triggers a manual search of the data records.The operational version of the electronic map will bring together the property details departments and agencies have provided to PACE, the Ordnance Survey map information and the National Land and Property Gazetteer Registry UPRN property reference. This will give departments the ability to update on line their core property details.

Initially the map will be accessible to central government organisations through the Government Secure Intranet. Plans are being developed to progressively link this application to local authority data, NHS and MOD estates and other public bodies.

Enquiries about the map and its planned development should be made to Peter Rickett on 0171 271 2626.