Headlines: January 25th, 2000

Cabinet Minister Margaret Beckett has reviewed the largest cross-sector project seen since the Second World War, and continues to assert that the tackling of the Millennium Bug was pitched appropriately.And she has pointed out that, uniquely among public projects involving IT, it was delivered on time.

The lack of problems with computers associated with the Millennium date change has led some to criticise the Government for its huge investment in checking equipment across all sectors, including Police, the NHS and local councils.

She told Parliament the project’s success was due to top level managers accepting the task as an issue for them, to thorough and detailed planning across government and the national infrastructure, both publicly and privately controlled, ensured a smooth transition over the date change.

She said there was no doubt that the work undertaken needed to be done, and had found many problems that needed to be, and were, fixed.

A full text of Mrs Beckett’s statement can be obtained from the Government’s Year 2000 website www.open.gov.uk/year2000.

The website www.bug2000co.uk provides information on the measures that needed be taken as well as signposting further sources of information.