Headlines: February 9th, 2000

All eyes will be on Sheffield to monitor the progress of a major new initiative to encourage urban regeneration.The city is to be the home of a company to co-ordinate its regeneration programmes.

Such Urban Regeneration Companies (URCs) were one of the key recommendations of the widely-acclaimed Urban Task Force report published last year.

Even though the city has fought back against deprivation caused by the decline in the steel industry, it’s thought that a URC will pull all the various regeneration initiatives together.

The Sheffield URC is made up of a partnership of Sheffield City Council, English Partnerships and Yorkshire Forward, each of which has contributed 250,000 pounds for setting up and running it for the first of its five to seven years of life.

Barclays Bank chairman Sir Peter Middleton will chair the company, with regeneration specialist Alison Nimmo as chief executive.

The city joins Liverpool and East Manchester as one of only three cities piloting the scheme, part of the Government’s programme of urban regeneration initiatives in the lead up to the Urban White Paper, to be published next summer.