Headlines: February 10th, 2000

The Government has requested new work to be undertaken on a regional level, with the requirement for each English region to draw up a sustainable development framework.It’s not yet clear just how much of the central and local government task list will eventually be carried out regionally, but the latest task awarded is as a result of some regions seizing the agenda.

The need for high-level regional sustainable development frameworks was a theme that emerged during consultation on A Better Quality of Life (the Government’s strategy on sustainable development) at which time some regions were already working towards a regional approach. The DETR now feels there would be a benefit if all English regions conduct such work.

All frameworks should be in place by the end of 2000 and they should be agreed by Regional Chambers.

The usefulness of having a London framework and how one might be taken forward will be raised with the Mayor, when elected.

‘Guidance on Preparing Regional Sustainable Development Frameworks’ is available from DETR Free Literature, PO Box 236, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7NB fax 0870 1226237 quoting 99EP0819.