Headlines: February 14th, 2000

As much of the change happening in local government starts to mirror practice in America, the IDeA has brought over three key change practitioners to share experience.The Improvement and Development Agency, which is charged with modernising English councils, sees the three US practitioners as having valuable information to share on leading change and improvement.

Many councils are debating whether to increase the power and accountability of the political leader of the council and create an elected mayor system as in the US.

John Nalbandian is a mayor who also teaches in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Kansas, rated as the number one local government academic programme in the USA. Bob Spitzer, President of Gonzaga University, Oregon is a specialist in leadership, and Lou Tice of The Pacific Institute will speak on change and improvement and how to put thinking into action.

The events are at Lewisham on Tuesday 22nd February, central London on the 23rd February and Liverpool on the 25th February. For more information contact The Conference People on 01323 644644.