Headlines: February 25th, 2000

Over 150 Youth Offending Teams will start work on 1 April 2000 as part of a package of measures to implement the Youth Justice strategy. The multi- agency teams will include social workers, police and probation officers, and education and health staff. They will co-ordinate and deliver the Youth Justice reforms locally and their work will be monitored by the Youth Justice Board.Pilot Youth Offending Teams have been operating in 10 areas since September 1998 to find out how best to implement intervention programmes to make youngsters face up to their crimes and change their attitudes. The pilots have helped to identify good practice and the measures they have developed are being evaluated by a team from Sheffield, Hull and Swansea Universities.

The teams will have an armoury of options for dealing with youth offenders. Reparation orders will make offenders face up to their crimes and the consequences of their actions. They will involve writing a letter of apology, apologising in person, cleaning graffiti or repairing criminal damage. Action plan orders lasting for three months are designed to address specific causes of offending. They combine punishment, rehabilitation and reparation.

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