Headlines: March 6th, 2000

The Commission for Integrated Transport is sharing its thinking on a new website.It chose the website to publish its latest thinking on cutting vehicle pollution. It contains a radical suggestion to eliminate the fumes of older cars by giving their drivers free vouchers for public transport in exchange for having them scrapped.

The commission’s report says newer vehicles are already bringing sweeping environmental benefits, and as more and more people drive vehicles with catalytic converters, emissions of the most damaging air pollutants should fall by about a half over the next decade.

However, CfIT wants to accelerate these improvements by focusing on the worst polluters.

It suggests lorry, bus and taxi drivers should be offered discounts on or even free Vehicle Excise Duty in exchange for agreeing to fit catalytic converters to older vehicles.

And it suggests owners of cars without such equipment (usually F registration or older) should either be invited to have them fitted free of charge, have their cars banned from the worst-polluted cities, or offered free public transport vouchers for three years in exchange for scrapping them.

The idea has already been trialled in Glasgow. The CfIT’s report will go to John Prescott for consideration.

Link: www.cfit.gov.uk