Headlines: March 7th, 2000

Independent research covering 8 New Deal for Lone Parent Pilots reveals that they were a qualified success. The evaluation covered the first year of operation from July 1997. The New Deal was rolled out nationally from October 1998.The aim of New Deal is to create a culture change among lone parents giving them the confidence to see employment as the best path out of poverty. This is based on research which shows that once they move into work they are likely to be working 5 years later.

New Deal is based on a personal advisor supporting job and child care search and advising on training, education and benefits. Researchers found that as a result of this support and advice the number of lone parents on Income Support was 3-1/2% lower than it would have been without the scheme. About 20% of jobs gained can be attributed to the scheme, but to break even, there would have to have been a 23% increase in job gains. Over 40,000 lone parents have now found work through the national scheme up to December 1999.