Headlines: March 9th, 2000

Education and Employment Secretary David Blunkett has formally announced the jobs and learning Internet portal, which will go on line later in the year. See Publicnet Briefing 9 December 1999. It has become clear that the initiative will be implemented through a Public Private Partnership with EDS. The Department for Education and Employment will invest 68m pounds over two years and there will be additional investment from EDS. Substantial funding will be needed to install kiosks in pubs, cafes and community centres to give wide access to the service.Initially there will be some 400,000 vacancies on the database and in addition there will be links to other sources of vacancy information such as private recruitment agencies and newspapers. A search engine will match jobs, career or learning interests. Learning information will be set out alongside the relevant jobs. People will be able to follow up a job advert by telephoning a jobs line.

An initiative will be launched at the forthcoming EU Lisbon Council to set up a Europe wide jobs and learning service.