Headlines: March 13th, 2000

Lessons for the UK from the United States modernisation prorgamme, National Partnership for Re-inventing Government, which was launched 7 years ago, will be drawn at a conference next month. John Kamensky, Deputy Director of the NPR programme, will speak at the Quality Forum Conference at the Queen Elisabeth Centre in London on 12 April.The UK Modernising government agenda has many similarities to the US experience. They share common features such as customer focus and making government more relevant to people. The goals of the NPR programme are to restore trust in American democracy by giving Americans a government that provides: best value for each taxpayer, best customer service, best places to work for its employees and best legacy for the future. US departments and agencies set targets to reduce overhead costs from one third to one sixth of all expenditure. Advice from front line services is used to find ways of doing this. Reinvention laboratories are used to pilot ideas and look for new ways of doing things.

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