Headlines: March 20th, 2000

Public service providers are still failing to think sufficiently joined-up, according to new thinking from KPMG Consulting.The firm has worked up a model which demonstrates how various public services spend more than they need to because services are not sufficiently joined up to meet the requirements of people using them. The model includes case histories of typical requirements of people undergoing what KPMG call a ‘life event’.

In one example, ‘Lorraine’, a single mother with two children, is looking to move house, change job and find schools for her children, all at the same time.

In such a situation argues the firm, a lack of facilities for the children might result in the woman having insufficient time to secure the right job, resulting in the Benefits Agency paying out far more than would have been the case if all of the public services had worked well.

KPMG Director Charles Lilley, who outlined this ‘life event’ theory at a recent Modernising Local Government conference, says that providers need to understand the chain of events in people’s lives before they can effectively upgrade their services.