Headlines: March 21st, 2000

Consultation exercises launched in 1998 and 1999 have played a large part in shaping the new Criminal Justice Bill. One of its key provisions aims to break the link between drugs and crime. New drug testing powers would act as a deterrent and help identify offenders who should be getting treatment.Community sentences will be strengthened and electronic monitoring extended to provide new safeguards against criminals. Offenders who fail to comply with a community sentence will receive one final warning followed by imprisonment for a further breach of the order. There will be a new electronically monitored exclusion order which will require an offender to stay away from certain places at certain times. It will also allow for the electronic monitoring of a range of community sentences and electronic monitoring as a condition of licence.

The Vehicle Crime Reduction Action Team, set up in 1998, recommended that police should have full access to driver records and this has been incorporated into the Bill.

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