Headlines: March 21st, 2000

Customer service is at the core of the public service modernising agenda and feedback on quality now assumes a great importance. Why people find a service so unsatisfactory that they complain about it is perhaps the highest form of feedback. The value of a complaint in the past was that it gave an opportunity to redress a failure, but now it is a pointer to how well a strategy is working.Because customer complaints now have a strategic dimension the Civil Service College is to launch its first conference on ‘Complaints Policy & Strategy’. It will present a strategic approach to managing complaints and offer practical assistance to delegates through a series of workshops.

The event is supported by the Service First Unit of the Modernising Public Services Group, and will be addressed by Tony Singleton of the Cabinet Office, Mike Bartram of the National Consumer Council and Susan Maunsell, Director of Case Work at the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration.

Contact Carol McMillan on 01344 634622.