Headlines: March 24th, 2000

For the first time Ministers will be included in a structured development programme which is designed to help them and their civil servants cultivate skills to implement the modernising government agenda. The programme has been devised by the Centre for Management and Policy Studies, following a lengthy consultation process.The Centre plans to run two series of seminars to launch the programme. A series of joint policy seminars will enable Ministers and civil servants to learn alongside one another, focusing on practical solutions and key issues in the development of policy. The first of these seminars ‘Risk, Policy Development and Service Delivery’ is aimed at identifying and understanding the key issues confronting government in the management of risk.

The second series, based on the theme of ‘innovation’ will be run in conjunction with the Performance and Innovation Unit and the DTI’s Future and Innovation Unit. Representatives from the wider public sector will attend as well as Ministers and civil servants. The seminars will focus on exploiting new ideas, spotting successful innovation, encouraging staff initiative and developing a culture that supports innovation.

Other initiatives being launched by the Centre include developing a programme of research and fellowships and establishing a Peer Review framework to support central departments.