Headlines: March 27th, 2000

E-commerce is rapidly moving up the public service agenda. The Electronic Communications Bill is scheduled to receive Royal Assent in April. It will provide the power to create electronic alternatives to paper based requirements such as signatures.Electronic procurement is becoming a reality with the announcement that Barclays B2B.com will go live on 7 April. Reading and Peterborough NHS Trusts are among the first clients who will use the business to business service. Barclays have teamed up with Oracle the software company and Andersen Consulting to provide the service which includes order placement and bill settlement.

E-commerce is the theme for the Scottish Top Management Forum when it meets in Edinburgh on 13 April. The Forum provides senior people in central and local government, the NHS, the police, the voluntary and private sectors with the opportunity to meet and consider current cross-sector issues. There are currently around 180 members.

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