Headlines: March 31st, 2000

The Institute of Health Care Management is worried about the Government’s apparent bypassing of the local strategic managers of the NHS.As part of the fall-out of money for the NHS from the budget, the Health Secretary has announced that 660 million pounds will go direct to hospitals to ease current pressures and step up management.

Suzanne Tyler, the Deputy Director of the Institute for Healthcare Management said: “We are delighted that the Government has recognised the very real pressures facing all of those who manage and organise services.

“Clearly, targeting 600 million pounds to the ‘shopfloor’ will be welcomed by the hard pressed managers who have been working so hard to deliver the Government’s modernising agenda.”

However, she said that for health spending to reflect community needs and reduce health inequalities, then it would be important to return in future to the normal practice of involving health authorities in the dispersal of NHS cash.

The IHM is also beginning to share the concerns that local government has – of a confusion of inspection. It wants to know how the new External Recovery Teams fit in with the Audit Commission and the Commission for Health Improvement.