Headlines: April 3rd, 2000

The Government unveils its IT strategy today (Monday) – but the major announcement to hit the whole of the public sector has been let slip early.All government services must be offered online by 2005. That’s a shortening of an already published target, which originally had a 2008 deadline.

The new 2005 deadline matches that set by the Prime Minister for everyone in Britain who wants it to have access to the internet.

It’s all part of the drive to make the UK a world leading internet economy, aiding businesses and individuals by being able to access government services on demand.

‘E-Government’ a paper that sets out a strategy for achieving this target, is unveiled today.

An important part of the strategy will be the new personalised gateway to government online services – UK Online – planned for launch in July

The new target also brings with it a monitoring regime to measure progress. The new approach covers all services to citizens and business that are contained in an agreement to be drawn up between the Treasury and individual departments as part of this year’s spending review. The new method will be based on counting the number of these services that are available online.

The previous approach was based on a sample of services selected by departments. This method tended to overstate progress.