Headlines: April 7th, 2000

Senior professionals from public and private sectors across Europe are getting together to forge new links and understanding.The Insight Europe programme aims to bring together people from across Europe to discuss and develop a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges which face European governments, institutions and businesses in the 21st Century.

The programme is run by the Centre for Management and Policy Studies at the Cabinet Office in conjunction with the College of Europe.

It is designed to be participatory so delegates learn from each other’s ideas and experiences. There will be problem solving group exercises where participants share their different perspectives to solve organisational and management challenges;

A maximum of 24 delegates for each programme will be handpicked from senior professionals in the public and private sectors of EU countries along with representatives from EU institutions. Each programme will last ten days and participants will spend time at both the Civil Service College in Sunningdale and the College of Europe in Bruges.

For further details of the programme please contact +44 1344 63 4594 (or 01344 634 594 from the UK).