Headlines: April 10th, 2000

The Government has promised to respond to the Better Regulation Taskfore Review of Red Tape Affecting Teachers by replacing reams of paperwork with simpler and more targeted internet-based data gathering. The action promises to free up head teacher time.The DfEE has already admitted that some of the paperwork its staff pushes at head teachers is unnecessary, and has already streamlined its regular mailings to schools. More than 10,000 hours of non-essential form-filling has already been cut and the approach is now being extended. The aim is to define a single set of data that is shared by all parties and agencies and can be collected automatically in electronic form and then shared.

A further promise to simplify and make fairer the funding of schools is to be explored in the Green Paper on local authority funding later this summer.

The National Grid for Learning will increase the amount of required information that can be easily accessed on the net across the summer, and the access point will be a single ‘home page’ for teachers. Twenty thousand teachers are already logging on to the site each month to access, download and edit model teaching programmes.

Link: http://vtc.ngfl.gov.uk/

Heads have access to a prototype electronic A-Z of school leadership and management at http://www.dfee.gov.uk/a-z/intro.html.