Headlines: April 14th, 2000

The producers of computer games are being welcomed into the classroom by education professionals.The initiative is part of work to support the Government’s aim to be a world leader in the development and use of digital resources.

The idea is to bring cutting-edge technologies into the classroom, to test how effective games, animation, video and other innovative media can be in gaining the interest of a new generation in learning.

The evaluation will help develop high quality interactive materials for teachers, pupils and parents that will then be considered for use in UK classrooms and in developing nations as part of the Prime Minister’s Millennium Education Initiative in the developing world.

Building new partnerships between the games industry and education is about recognising that technology is revolutionising education and those with cutting edge experience in attracting children to it will have something to offer the teaching profession.

In return, it is expected that the research and development talents invested in the classroom could lead to commerical development of new educational technology.

The Evaluating Online Content prospectus will be available to companies interested in taking part in the evaluation project in Summer 2000. The DfEE is keen to hear the views of industry about the way such an initiative should work before issuing the prospectus. Companies and other interested parties should email: paula.grundy@dfee.gov.uk  or Andrew.Atkinson@dfee.gov.uk