Headlines: April 18th, 2000

The Home Office has responded to criticism by the Performance and Innovation Unit in a report published in January 2000 by launching a recruiting campaign for nine crime reduction directors at an annual starting salary of 40,000 – 60,000 pounds. The report: The Role of Central Government At Regional and Local Level found that regional networks of Government Departments are fragmented, with no part of central government responsible for bringing its contribution together to assist local areas. The Home Office, together with Department of Health, DfEE and MAFF was specifically criticised and urged to secure better linkages with the Government Offices for the Regions.The nine directors will be located in the Government Offices and they will be a source of advice and support to the 376 crime and disorder reduction partnerships which are made up from police, local authorities and other national and local agencies. They will also have a role in administering the three year 250m pounds crime reduction programme launched in April 1999. They will increasingly influence the crime reduction strategy which is managed by the Crime Reduction Unit in the Home Office.

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