Headlines: May 10th, 2000

The 48 schools which will be given ‘Training School’ status from September will receive 100,000 pounds over the next three years. Most of the schools that achieved this new status are among the 200 taking part in the beacon scheme which was launched in 1998. Some 130 schools applied for super beacon status and the winners demonstrated that they had something special to offer in sharing good practice and innovation.In return for the funding the schools will share the best of their existing practice with other schools in a range of areas, such as assessment and recording, literacy and numeracy, managing and mentoring newly qualified teachers, and working with classroom assistants. They will also be expected to pioneer new approaches to ITT and become involved in research.

Each Training School will provide a distinctive programme for the development of teachers. These will include: enhancing experience of the visual and performing arts and music, developing and disseminating opportunities for industrial mentoring for trainees and disseminating effective teaching materials for use in computer classes.