Headlines: May 12th, 2000

James Stewart, the new Chief Executive of Partnerships UK, will receive a salary of 200,000 pounds and also be entitled to receive incentive payments. He was formerly Head of Project Finance, Europe, at Newcourt Capital and has held senior project finance positions at Hambros Bank and SG. Later in the year Partnerships UK will take over the role of the Treasury Public Finance Initiative Task Force of expediting the flow of PFI projects.Partnerships UK is a one billion pound private sector-led body to help increase and improve investment in the UK’s public services from private sources. It employs City experts to help the public sector get the best deal from the Private Finance Initiative and other forms of public-private partnerships. It will act as a project manager for PFI deals, providing public sector organisations – from Whitehall departments to local education authorities – with expert advisory and implementation skills.

Public sector bodies thinking of entering into PFI deals will be able to use Partnerships UK on a voluntary basis. It will have no monopoly and will seek to win business on the strength of its expertis