Headlines: May 15th, 2000

A campaign has been launched to change the attitude that starting a business is not a respected occupation. The Enterprise Insight campaign is targeting young people aged 5 – 30, their parents, teachers and career advisors. The campaign is backed by the business community and is being promoted jointly by the British Chambers of Commerce, Institute of Directors, and the Confederation of British Industry. It was launched by Prime Minister Tony Blair. As well as seeking to change attitudes to entrepreneurship in the UK, it also seeks to encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills.It is planned to recruit one thousand Business Ambassadors to help forge closer links between schools and the business community. They will be involved in various activities to promote and encourage involvement in enterprise, including forum events where an Ambassador will talk with up to 100 pupils and parents about their experience of setting up and running a business. In addition there will be breakfast meetings, as well as events responding to local needs. The Ambassadors will also promote at a local and national level entrepreneurial skills and enterprise generally. So far 200 Ambassadors have been signed up, including Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar.

The campaign will target areas of social deprivation where young people can benefit most. Across the UK, nearly one in five children live in a household where no one works, but in deprived areas the figure is much higher and it can be difficult for many young people to appreciate the benefits of a good education and to make the link between the classroom and the world of work.