Headlines: June 5th, 2000

Three of the key areas covered by the government’s spending review will benefit from the first tranche of a new four million pound fund set up to pay for academic research.The research will inform policy on social inclusion, productivity, and sustainability.

The ‘Evidence-Based Policy Fund’ aims to strengthen links between universities or research institutes and government, through the financing of applied research. It will also stimulate appraisal of government policies and enable government priorities to influence research agendas.

The fund, to be administered by the Treasury, will be awarded initially to researchers investigating the role of mainstream public services in reducing child poverty and local deprivation, and the challenge of reconciling welfare and environmental objectives when developing rural areas.

The intention is that the research will be funded to complement departments’ specific analytical strategies. Preference will be given to proposals that span conventional departmental boundaries.

The fund results from the implementation of one of the recommendations of the Performance and Innovation Unit Report “Adding it up” published in January. It reflects the commitment to evidence-based policy made in the Modernising Government White Paper