Headlines: June 6th, 2000

New measures have been introduced to give the police, the courts and local authorities the power to intervene earlier and effectively address young people’s offending behaviour before it becomes ingrained. They are designed to ensure that young people face up to the consequences of their behaviour and apologise to their victims or pay recompense to the community.The practice of giving repeat cautions is replaced by a final warning and an intervention programme. Once an offender has received a final warning, any further offence leads to prosecution. Reparation Orders, which can involve writing a letter of apology, apologising in person, cleaning graffiti or repairing criminal damage are also being introduced . In a move to deal with specific causes of offending, three month Action Plan Orders will provide a short intensive programme of community-based intervention combining punishment, rehabilitation and reparation.

Youth Offending Teams have been piloting the new measures and have reportedgood results.

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