Headlines: June 8th, 2000

The Government’s target to procure 90% of transactions by 2002 is starting to look achievable with developments in the Ministry of Defence, Inland Revenue and the Buying Agency.The Inland Revenue has signed a 42m pounds three year contract with Computacentre for the online procurement of IT and Telecom supplies and services. The ‘eIROS’ project will provide an end to end service from the initial procurement request through to installation and end user training. It will cover contact centres, mobile communication systems and computer-telephony equipment.

The MOD has signed a 42m pounds contract with Cap Gemini Ernst and Young for a system that will handle billions of pounds worth of procurement transaction each year. The ‘Defence Electronic Commerce System’ is a public private partnership and should be in place by July 2000.

In March this year The Buying Agency entered a partnership with ICL to provide a fully electronic trading service that will enable public sector customers to buy products and services on-line. The partnership is on a risk-reward basis and ICL will receive payment depending on the volume of business transacted.

The Buying Agency has become part of the newly formed Office for Government Commerce which is taking the lead in developing and implementing the e-Commerce statategy.