Headlines: June 9th, 2000

With the increasing growth of joined up working managers are increasingly reliant on their interpersonal skills to get results. Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence competences are a significantly greater factor in successful leadership and general performance than IQ. Because of this finding the Scottish Top Management Forum of private and public sector managers, to be held Edinburgh on June 14 will explore its relevance to joined up working. The Forum will be led by Roy Howells of the Civil Service College.The health service is tackling some of the hard issues. Many health communities have found that the transition to joint working is not easy and generates challenges, particularly around issues such as accountability and sharing resources. A review team has looked at the adoption of a whole systems approach to the planning and implementation of information systems and services across a local health community.

The team identified the critical success factors for joint working as explicit commitment from Chief Executives and Boards, agreement on clear and common objectives and participation of the right people. From the research findings a self assessment tool has been designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in joint working. The tool provides a structured method for discussion and identifies gaps and omissions in the planning process.

Link www.doh.gov.uk/nhsexipu/psp