Headlines: June 15th, 2000

Finance professionals in the public sector have been told that they will need to rise to the challenge of change and welcome change if they and their services are to survive.Richard Wilson, Head of the Home Civil Service, told the CIPFA annual conference that growing consumer power, scrutiny over delivery of public services, combined with faster communication and rapid developments in IT represented change across the sector.

And he used the event to promote the work on reforming the civil service that he is leading, and which has been agreed by the Permanent Heads of Departments, but which he says will affect all sections of the public service, not just civil servants.

At today’s conference (Thursday, June 15) CIPFA delegates will focus on the role of the finance director, threatened by slimline corporate management teams, the devolution of financial administration to service departments supported by powerful ICT systems and the outsourcing of many financial services.

It is intended that the session will contribute to CIPFA’s review of its definition of the role of finance director in local government, as new structures and scrutiny systems emerge.

Links: www.cabinet-office.gov.uk/civilservice-reform   and www.cipfa.org.uk/cc/conference.html