Headlines: June 19th, 2000

A new report aims to prepare the ground for dealing with the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population.’The Age Shift’ comes from the Foresight Ageing Population panel, one of several teams built from business, the science base and government to predict likely developments in a range of sectors.

It points out that by 2030 the UK alone will have 19 million people over 60 years of age. At the same time, fewer babies are being born to balance the population.

The panel have identified a number of drivers and trends that this demographic shift will throw up – increasingly flexible patterns of work, retirement and lifelong learning, an impact on financial services such as investments and pensions, the need for preventative and information-technology based healthcare, and the implications for the design of products, public transport systems and ‘smart-wired’ homes that will help to maintain independent life.

The Age Shift identifies that alongside social implications, there are substantial new market and product opportunities for business.

Consultation on the panel’s findings has been opened until 14 September 2000. The panel will then public a final report on priorities for action, in around November 2000.

Link: www.foresight.gov.