Headlines: June 29th, 2000

The implications of internet shopping come under inspection in a Foresight consultation paper on retail logistics.Foresight is the UK’s Government-led programme that brings together business, the science base and government to look ahead and think about what might happen in the future and what we need to do today to shape the  future we want.

The report, ‘@ Your Service’, aims to spark a UK-wide debate on the future of home delivery in an age of electronic shopping.

Key questions remain about the rate of growth of e-commerce, and about how distribution systems will evolve to support it.

Retail building design and use may change radically if the majority of people shop on-line, and there is a question mark over whether those unable to shop on-line will be disadvantaged.

The Foresight consultation on retail logistics continues until 30th September. The results will contribute to the Retail Logistics task force’s vision for the future and priorities for action, to be announced in November.

Link: www.foresight.gov.uk