Headlines: July 3rd, 2000

More money has been allocated to push forward the use of NHSnet by family doctors.A further sixty million pounds is being spent to accelerate a system which would inform GPs of the results of diagnostic tests on-line, as soon as they are processed, cutting out days of delay.

The money comes on top of seventy nine million pounds already set aside for the project in health authority allocations.

The aim now is that by March next year, ninety five per cent of GPs will be on NHSnet.

Another feature of the system is that GPs will be able to book appointments for their patients on-line, while the patient is still in the surgery.

This will also cut down on lost time, and reduce the number of missed appointments because the timing is not convenient.

NHSnet will also provide GPs with e-mail and easy access to a wealth of on-line health informatio