Headlines: July 4th, 2000

The Department for Environment Transport and Regions wants views from councils on setting targets for e-Government. The 17 page consultation document is in reality a check list of issues to prompt thinking about how to deliver services electronically. Some councils are early adopters of technology, but many are at the other end of the league table.The document makes it clear that introducing e-Government is much more than automating existing services. Departments within councils currently deliver their own services, but the modernising agenda demands that the focus is shifted to the citizen and that the advances of modern technology are used to deliver citizen-centred services. The approach advocated is grouping around ‘life events’. A key requirement is a single access to all services provided by a council and joining up services within the council is seen as a major challenge.

Local services, as those in central government departments, will provide for publishing information; collecting revenue; dealing with grants and benefits; consulting citizens and procuring goods and services. In addition councils will offer electronic means for applying for services; booking venues, resources and courses; paying for goods and services; accessing community, professional or business networks and accessing life long learning facilities.

Responses to the paper are required by 10 August 2000.

Link: www.local-regions.detr.gov.uk/consult/iag/index.htm