Headlines: July 6th, 2000

Councils have been criticised in a Treasury report for failing to get the views of tenants when investing in social housing improvement schemes. ‘Putting the House in Order’, which has been produced by the Public Services Productivity Panel, highlights the crucial importance of tenant satisfaction to all social housing investment which amounts annually to around 4 billion pounds. The value of the stock depends on the capacity to attract tenants and to maintain the income stream.Researchers found that the direct contact with tenants, such as face to face interviews, was the most effective way to consult. Some 86% of councils make use of indirect consulting methods such as getting views from tenants associations.

The key message of the report for councils and registered social landlords is that if the quality of life of tenants is not significantly improved by capital works, then the purpose of the works is questionable, whatever the balance sheet improvement in property value