Headlines: July 12th, 2000

A new report into the art of consultation throws light on making headway with the ‘hard to reach’ groups.All areas of the public sector are being urged to consult the people who use their service, and what many attempting to do this find is that such initiatives can ‘super serve’ those people who are already close enough to decision-makers to have their views heard.

New insight into usefully reaching those people who are normally excluded, or who exclude themselves from consultation, is offered in a new report about tackling poverty.

ATD Fourth World’s report, Participation Works, concentrates on the value of consulting those people who have direct experience of long term poverty.

It is the result of a three year project to attempt to include into the policy making process the ideas of people who have a lifetime’s experience of being on the receiving end of legislation aimed to ease poverty.

Participation Works has 15 recommendations, a number of which the Government says are already being taken on board in its thinking.

ATD Fourth World is a human rights organisation working in partnership with families experiencing long-term poverty, to develop their potential and to enable them to participate fully in the life of their communities. For more information contact Nick Perry, Tel: 020 7703 323