Headlines: July 18th, 2000

The target to deliver all government services electronically by 2005 could be jeopardised by a shortage of e-business skills. One feature of the problem is that no one knows the overall picture of what skills are available. In a move to get this information the Cabinet Office has issued a toolkit which allows departments to identify the level of skills currently available to them.The toolkit is based on the Skills Framework for the Information Age which has been developed by a consortium of companies, government and professional bodies, under the management of the IT National Training Organisation. The framework lists the jobs that exist in the information and communication technologies and the skills required to perform them. Users of the toolkit work through a series of questions which identify existing skills and reveal where further development is needed to take forward e-business strategies.

Departments will send their completed toolkits to the Cabinet Office so that a service wide assessment can be made. Decisions will then be made on what action to take to reduce the skills gap.

The toolkit is available at www.iagchampions.gov.