Headlines: July 20th, 2000

The cross departmental review of crime reduction, which was part of the Spending Review 2000, has come out strongly in support of the local Crime and Disorder Partnerships. They will receive more funding so that they can improve their performance in identifying local problems crossing the crime, health education and environment boundaries. The Partnerships will oversee the implementation of measures based on contributions from all local agencies. There will also be closer working with area Criminal Justice Strategy Committees with the aim of transforming performance in the area.Research has shown clear links between youth crime and other factors and the work of the Partnerships will be supported from other critical areas. It was found that 30% of prisoners truanted when they were at school and there will be initiatives to reduce truancy. Some 60% of young offenders have poor reading skills and targets will be set to raise standards for the bottom 20% of pupils. Targets will also be set for the National Strategy on Alcohol Misuse and for child, adolescent and adult mental health services.

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