Headlines: July 28th, 2000

Although there is a general recognition that the police need support from other public services and the voluntary sector in the fight against crime, there has been slow progress in implementing a joined-up strategy in the two years since legislation was introduced. This is a principal finding from the annual report of HM Inspector of Constabulary. For the first time this inspection was supported by teams from other parts of the public sector.The report highlights the lack of an integrated approach at the national level with limited co-ordinated approaches between different government departments. Ministerial portfolios do not include the prevention of crime and disorder and there is a recommendation that they should do so. Local partnerships are also moving slowly with integration of effort. There is a recommendation that they should encourage the active involvement of the private and voluntary sectors and community leaders and increase joint working at all levels.

Publication of the report coincides with the appointment of Regional Directors to champion the 376 Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships. Their job will be to build working relations with all the key members of the partnerships in their region, including the police, local authorities, probation service, health authorities and the voluntary and community sectors. They will also strengthen links between the partnerships and central Government.

In a further initiative a website www.crimereduction.gov.uk has been launched for the exchange of ideas and to spread best practice in the field of crime reduction. It is aimed specifically at partnership members and other crime reduction practitioners. However, members of the general public will also be able to access the site to obtain online crime prevention advice and links to other useful sites.

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