Headlines: August 1st, 2000

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has announced that has set up a forum with the IT industry as part of efforts to improve standards of IT projects across Government. Peter Gershon, Chief Executive of the Office of Government Commerce, who will chair the forum, says the aim is to learn the lessons of well-publicised failures and identify future standards and best practice needed to implement future government IT projects successfully.The recent report, Successful IT – Modernising Government in Action, set out a package of 30 recommendations to improve government IT projects. The forum is seen as a useful means where industry and government can address the systemic and process problems related to the acquisition and implementation of government projects that have an IT element.

The Forum will comprise an equal number of representatives from Government departments and agencies, and IT industry suppliers with an interest in public sector projects. The forum is led and co-ordinated by the Office of Government Commerce, supported by the Computing Services and Software Association (CSSA). Links: www.ogc.gov.uk   and www.cssa.co.