Headlines: August 3rd, 2000

The Government has backed a new report which supports its linkage between investment in public transport and combating social exclusion. Among the aims of its recently announced ten-year plan is to direct money to the transport needs of those living in deprived neighbourhoods. The new study shows the links between public transport and social exclusion in urban and rural areas across England. It also identifies the contribution that public transport can make to reduce levels of social exclusion.’Social Exclusion and the Provision and Availability of Public Transport’ was produced by TRaC (Transport Research and Consultancy) at the University of North London for the DETR. The Government has called for joined up working between the traditional transport sector, local and central government. It says that the report backs up the notion that transport has other social, health, and economic functions, which need to be recognised by transport planners and providers.

The report is available from DETR Free Literature 0870 1226 236. For the main report, please quote product Code SP/07. For the summary report, please quote Product Code SP/06.