Headlines: August 4th, 2000

A new cross-sector initiative to share information on water use is set to trim useful savings off public service budgets.The Buying Agency (TBA) is behind the Watermark project, set up with funding from the Government’s Invest to Save Budget.

The two year project will attempt to set up a database of comparative water use. The aim is to provide those managing water costs with benchmarks and targets to use against their own water use.

In return for sharing information about the size of their water bills, public sector participants will receive in return information on best practice, and comparative data on the performance of like-for-like facilities.

The project has a steering group with representatives from the DETR, Wiltshire County Council, the Environment Agency, and the DfEE – schools are thought to be the biggest single users of water in the UK.

Project manager Jim Parkinson is keen to hear from organisations who want to get involved. He said: “Even those who already measure and monitor water consuption will benefit by having access to the benchmarks established by Watermark. For others, we can help put them on a path that can only lead to savings.”

Contact Jim Parkinson at watermark@tba.gov.uk   or on 0151 224 236